Bruxism & TMJ disorders

  • Clear acrylic to match orthodontic retainers (indicate on Rx)
  • Processed hard acrylic on occlusal surface/soft thermo-reactive material bonded to tooth side
  • Color stable & will not harden or distort over time (has memory) under normal wear/handling
  • Very comfortable
  • Good retention
  • High patient compliance

Designed to meet your preferences in terms of flat plane, canine guidance, thickness, upper or lower, etc.

  • Hard/Soft Processed Acrylic

This nightguard is processed with normal hard acrylic on the occlusal surface and a soft thermoplastic that is bonded to the inside. Shore-D hardness testing shows it will not harden over time under normal wear and handling conditions. It has “memory” and will not warp under normal wear and handling procedures. It is very comfortable with good retention and therefore patient compliance is very high.