• CR/CO Partial Denture

    • Cr/Co or Titanium Partial Denture

      • Multiple teeth partial
      • A very cost effective tooth replacement
      • Noninvasive treatment
      • Long lasting solution
      • Available with esthetic clasp options
      • Removable, must be cleaned
      • Structure:
        • Lucitone 199 premium denture acrylic
        • Cr/Co alloy framework – Bego Wironit® LA
        • Titanium alloy framework – Girotan L – Amann Girrbach
      • Teeth, 2 Classes:
        • Standard – Vita MFT® teeth
        • Ivoclar Blueline premium denture teeth

          SR Vivodent DCL for anterior

          SR Orthotyp DCL for posterior

      • Structure: Framework waxed then cast with well adapted casting rendering superior adaptation
      • Formed with wax and set teeth in position
      • Heat cured under pressure
      • Hand stippled
  • DuraFlex™ Partial Denture

  • Full Acrylic Denture

  • Other Removable Solutions

    • Other Removable Solutions

      DurAcetal® – available in an array of tooth-colored clasps

      VisiClear™ – available in clear clasps

      Duraflex® – available in tissue-colored clasps

      A very popular restoration incorporates implants as retention devices. Hader bars, milled bars, ERA attachments, and locators are some of the many creative solutions that we can use to exceed patient expectations.

      A variety of attachment systems can be utilized to provide another type of retention for partial dentures. Our technicians are experts in utilizing precision milling and placement to ensure a perfect fit every time!

      Our technicians have tremendous experience in producing cases that incorporate both fixed and removable restorations.

  • Temporary Acrylic Partial

    • Temporary Acrylic Partial

      • For temporary placement
      • Missing teeth in growing child or adolescent
      • Temporary for implant placement
      • Cost effective tooth replacement
      • Removable, must be cleaned
      • Acrylic framework only, limited strength
      • Structure:
        • Acrylic – Vertex or Lucitone® 199 denture acrylic
      • Stainless steel wire clasps as needed, available with esthetic clasp options
      • Vita MFT® teeth
      • Structure: Formed with wax and set teeth in position
      • Stainless steel wire clasps as needed
      • Available with esthetic clasp options
      • Heat cured under pressure.