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Modern Dental now brings you unmatched esthetic possibilites in the strongest and most lifelike full milled zirconia crowns and bridges we've ever made.

By utilizing state-of the-art technology and multilayered zirconia discs with color gradient, the natural color tone and gradient of the teeth can be achieved precisely and predictably.

The new process and formulation of our Calypso™ FMZ gives you greater flexibility to create beautiful smiles in the posterior and now in the anterior region, as well....

  • Multilayered zirconia with color gradient for better translucency and superior shade matching.
  • Outstanding durability due to the improved material properties during processing.
  • Digitally designed for precision and consistency.
  • Easy to adjust with a Zirconia diamond kit.
  • Conventional cementation, no bonding required.
  • Highly polished surface is kind to opposing dentition.
  • Excellent strength and marginal fit.

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