Image of dental d claspDurAcetal® Clasp

DurAcetal® is a durable aesthetic metal-free acetyl resin alternative to metal partials. It possesses high tensile & shock strength with excellent resiliency, allowing the appliance to flex over extreme undercuts, while still providing a comfortable fit. DurAcetal® is available in an array of tooth and tissue-colored clasps that exhibit incredible color stability.

Material Certification

Image of denture over implantsDenture over Implants

A very popular restoration incorporates implants as retention devices. Hader bars, as shown in the picture, are one of the many creative solutions that we can use to exceed patient expectations.

Image of precision attachmentPrecision Attachments

A variety of attachment systems can be utilized to provide another type of retention for partial dentures. Our technicians are experts in utilizing precision milling and placement to ensure a perfect fit every time!

Image of combination casesCombination Cases

Our technicians have tremendous experience in producing cases that incorporate both fixed and removable restorations. In the case pictured, client used a six unit fixed bridge in combination with a metal frame partial.