October 11, 2018


By Dr. Mark Murphy, DDS, FAGD

There are several reasons that you can buy filet mignon at your grocery store or butcher for anywhere from $10.99-$25.00 per pound.  Forget the fact that Authentic Japanese Wagyu Filets will set you back $214.50 per pound, and that’s at Costco! One reason is the cost they paid and profit margin they add, the other is the grade of the beef.  Good, Better and Best cuts of meat, each have a different price when you go shopping.

The same can be said for the impression materials, composites, and other dental supplies you use every day.  There are quality differences that sometime create huge variances in performance. The raw materials used for ceramic or metal frames, copings and finished restorations made for you at Modern and MicroDental Laboratories have the same scope of quality available.  If you start with a USDA Select or Choice Steak and try to serve it at Morton’s for $45, your customers will not come back.  The quality will not match the price.  Conversely, if you start with USDA Prime, dry aged and sell it for $19, you will go broke.

ZirCAD Pucks.jpg

The good news is the difference between Good, Better and Best Zirconia is not 2-3X.  For the small incremental cost of using the best Zirconia available like the Ivoclar materials that Modern and MicroDental use, you get a better, more esthetic and predictable restorative solution.  Cheaper Zirconia will not look or perform as well.  There is a difference in the final product when you start with a lower quality raw material.  The purity, how the pucks are pressed, and the performance characteristics can produce a wide variance that will compromise your patient care.  The race to the bottom for the cheapest monolithic Zirconia Crown carries a huge price tag.  Just like cheaper cuts of meat that will be tough to chew, the customer/patient will be disappointed.

We are proud to use the best materials available. 

The new Ivoclar eMax ZirCad raises the bar even further. It has all the quality characteristics as their other raw Zirconia solution plus incredible esthetics.  It’s the first time you have seen them put the eMax brand name onto a Zr material.  We do buy in volume and pass the savings on to you.

The next revolution in strong aesthetic restorative materials is here, you are going to love it!


“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” St. Jerome